At BridgeWise Financial Partners, we believe in helping people.

That’s why, our first one on one meeting is filled with information about how to help your family. In addition, as often as possible, we hold community workshops to help educate local families about the college planning and financial aid process. There is no cost to attend, and no sales pitch. For those who attend the workshop, we do offer a free one on one family consultation in our office. 

Our promise to our clients is that in every workshop and every meeting, you and your student will leave with a better knowledge of what’s of what's available to help finance a college education while attending the school of your choice. 

We have the privilege of being a recognized authority that can help your student navigate the college process. We can help each individual student maximize available financial aid, and help them chose the right college. We cannot do everything for them- none of us want to take their pre-calc test. Our goal is to custom tailor each college planning recommendation to your student's needs and, by doing so, help them to succeed. 

Families, with the help of BridgeWise College Planning, will be able to position their student and finances to help them qualify for the maximum financial aid available to them.