Free Consultation

Your Free Consultation is the easiest way to learn what you need to do to help your student get into their dream school, and how you can reduce your cost.

Your first meeting in our office (or on a virtual video chat) is always free of charge. We take this opportunity to help you learn about what you can expect from the college planning process.

At this fast paced 1 hour meeting you will discover:

  • what could be done to lower your EFC
  • a personalized assessment of how your EFC will affect your out of pocket cost at individual schools
  • an exact action plan to be sure your student doesn't miss out on free college money
  • how to approach the "reach school" that your student wants to attend
  • how to get answers to your concerns about the college planning process

We have 3 requirements for your free consultation:

  1. Both spouses must attend if married - High school students are encouraged to attend as well
  2. All meetings are held between 1pm and 9pm
  3. Come on time, ready to learn